May 20, 2009

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Trophies of Grace!  We’re excited about the growing outreach of this ministry, as we share our love of God’s creation with hunters and fishermen all across the country.  We’ll use this blog as a tool to provide updates on events, share news about the ministry, and pass along good ole’ huntin’ stories, of course!  Stay tuned…and for more info, visit the Trophies of Grace official site.


7 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Mark Porter Says:

    Great to have a blog. We are looking forward to keeping everyone up date as to what is happening in the ministy life of Trophies of Grace.

  2. Mark Porter Says:

    Great work on the website. I love the photo gallery. Mark

  3. Scott Says:

    Tony – thanks for the work on the site!

  4. Mark Porter Says:

    Scott, It is awesome to see what God is doing with Trohpies of Grace. You do a great job and is it awesome to see the reports back of what is happening in Men’s Ministry throughout this southeastern United States. I heard a guy in Milton say, If you change the Men, you change the world. I believe that is true based on what we have seen in our short time in this ministry. Keep it up!

  5. Scott Porter Says:

    Just a quick update to share with you How good God was at our last Barn
    meeting. He blessed, and 13 men accepted Christ. We thank you for your
    prayers, and ask that you keep praying that God will bless the Men’s Barn
    meeting(July 9,2009)

  6. Ray Tyre Says:

    Scott, Mark and their families are awesome. Their deer are not too shabby either. We have had them at our Christian Bowhunters of America Beast Feast in Carrabelle, Florida two years running and they are great. What a fantastic display and an awesome draw to get hunters into a forum where they can hear the gospel! We had several decisions for Christ at this years’ meeting and Tophies of Grace played an integral part in that success.
    Thanks again, Scott and Mark for your faithfulness and obedience.

  7. Kim Says:

    Scott, Mark, and Dad,

    What a great website. I am proud and you all and appreciate all you are doing with this ministry to give men a chance to hear the gospel and change the direction of their lives. Thank you for living what you preach.

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